The Power of Sharing Works.


We are knee deep in the month of February. The month known to celebrate love and companionship. As part of our tribute to the month of love, we ran a contest this month that awarded the lucky winner a new UB Toner. Many of you who visit this blog, already own a UB Toner and are therefore aware of all of its upper body firming benefits, but have you shared these benefits with the ones you love?

Getting fit is always easier when you get your friends involved. It holds you accountable, adds a social element to your workouts and helps you stay on track. Using the UB Toner and it’s accompanying exercise routines to tone your upper body is no exception - it’s much more fun when get your friends involved!

Since the UB Toner is a portable fitness device that can be used virtually anywhere, this might mean incorporating one of the 10 minute exercise routines into your regular coffee date with a friend. Or perhaps it simply entails sending others a picture or text message of your recent workout, encouraging (or maybe friendly challenging) them to try it out for themselves.

Workout apps such as RunKeeper, Nike+, Aptiv Fitness and even the Fitbit tracker all allow for the ability to “share” your recent workout or health goal. The popularity of this feature lies in the fact that seeing your friend’s progress is motivating - for all parties involved. The one who has shared their progress feels good about the fact that they are putting their health first and finds comfort in the positive comments they may receive from doing so, whereas those who view the post may be inspired to embark on their own fitness journey, conquer that workout they have been putting off all day or make a better choice in the kitchen that evening.

The power of sharing works.

And, although you may never know if you succeeded in inspiring others, wearing your own fitness accomplishments with pride feels good, which is a huge part of why we have entered on this fitness journey in the first place.

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  • Ian Templin