The UB Toner Story

From the Desk of Lise Amy.

Straight from the founder and creator of the UB Toner, Lise Amy is excited to share her story with you.

"Throughout my life, health and fitness has been a personal passion of mine, and it’s something to this day I hold very close to my heart.

At the age of 22, I began to use a small upper body device to help tone my upper body -and I used it while travelling all over North America as a Medical Sales Representative.  I found myself working with surgeons and other medical professionals – each who helped continue to inspire me to better my overall health and fitness as I aged.

Shortly after ending my 18 year career, my passion for fitness and my desire for a complete solution for women everywhere to tone and firm the upper body drove me to create the UB Toner. Each of the 4 exercises engages the pectorals, deltoids, laterals, biceps and triceps to achieve a more youthful, feminine look and helps you feel more and more confident every day. I’m 65 today and still exercising – only now I do it with my own personally designed UB Toner.

Knowing that the UB Toner would firm and tone the upper body muscles, my goal was to develop a cream to nourish the skin surrounding those muscles. After intensive research, I found the skin care Innovative Technology Ingredients that would greatly moisturize and nourish skin. That brought me to create a cream and a gel - the perfect complement to the UB Toner.

The Lise Amy Neck to Cleavage Firming Cream & the Lise Amy Upper Arm Firming Gel contains:

  1. An Intense hydration for optimal moisturization and enhanced, luxurious feeling skin.
  2. An anti-aging collagen for reduction of fine lines and long term wrinkle therapy.

To this day, I remain committed to the quality of my products. As such, the UB Toner, The Neck to Cleavage Firming Cream and the Upper Arm Firming Gel are all 100% manufactured right here in the U.S.A. Excellence and consistency are two areas I will never compromise on.

Thank you for your interest in the UB Toner line of products."