The UB Toner Lifestyle

The Complete Upper Arm and Breast Sculpting Program. 

By exercising with the UB Toner for just ten minutes a day, three to four days a week, you can tighten your muscles, including your pectorals that naturally lift your breasts, while firming your biceps and triceps to tone your upper arms. With the UB Toner, you can strengthen your muscles in these areas simply by following four easy to do exercises - all included in every UB Toner package and bundle. Get and keep the appearance of firmer, more youthful breasts and reduce the sagging caused by aging, gravity and pregnancy. 

Take the UB Toner with you. Designed for women with an active, on the go lifestyle, the UB Toner is portable and lightweight. The four exercises included with each UB Toner device are simple, yet incredibly effective and clinically shown to not only increase daily strength, but to firm upper arms and lift your breasts.

The Triple Resistance Advantage. 

The UB Toner works by utilizing triple resistance technology - as the device provides eighteen pounds of resistance upon both motions of pushing in and out with the device, as well as utilizing and working your own back muscles. The device is not difficult to operate - and each UB Toner™ includes instructions on device use, along with four complete, easy to do exercises. If you have any questions or concerns, please visit our FAQ. Results may vary.



The UB Toner™ is made right here in The United States, and if you're not completely satisfied, return it for a full refund, minus shipping and handling. See The UB Toner Guarantee for more information.  

We're all Living Busy Lifestyles. The UB Toner™ Simply Comes with You. 

With the UB Toner™, your exercise routine simply works for you - around your schedule. No matter if you're at the office, or taking care of the kids or family, the UB Toner™ is incredibly portable and lightweight. There's no need to hunt for a nearby gym when you're on vacation, and it's not necessary to take hours out of your day to simply maintain other workout routines to achieve the same results. 

Wether you're out and about, at the office, or just too busy in your day to day, the UB Toner™ fits right in.