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If there is anything 2016 has taught us, it’s that life is busy. The latest technology trends are allowing us to cram more and more into each day. From apps that create meal plans, the ability to order our groceries online, to the extreme popularity of fitness trackers that remind us how active we have been for the day - times are changing. And the way we think about our sweat sessions, should be no exception.

Workout apps were named by Pop Sugar as one of the number one fitness trends to watch out for in 2017.  As Pop Sugar writes “2017 users are needing convenient, do-whenever, wherever-you-are workouts”.

The creators of the popular Beachbody home fitness programs are keeping up with the times with their online program (think Netflix, but  fitness). For an annual fee you get access to stream their fitness programs from anywhere in the world, making it virtually inexcusable to miss a workout.

And that’s how exercise should be.

Fast, easy and something we make part of our DAILY routines, no matter where we are or what we are doing.  Much like our bodies crave nourishment and sleep, they also require themselves to be worked, each and every day! But, this doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Imagine if we stopped thinking about fitness as a “nice to do” and began to think about it as a “have to do”. Gyms and group fitness classes are a great way to socialize, switch up our routines and have some fun, but they can’t be relied upon to fulfil the fitness needs our bodies require on a daily basis. It just isn’t realistic for most people.

These are the philosophies that I used when I created the UB Toner and why I have successfully been able to make using it a part of my daily routine. Whether it be used as a warm-up to my golf game, something I do before I take my dogs for a walk or a prequel to my run, the UB Toner is there to contribute 10 quick minutes of exercise into my routine each day.

I don’t believe fitness is something we need to “resolve” to do each January or take on for a set period of time - it’s simply a part of my daily life.

Are you ready to join our community and “resolve” not to have to resolve anymore?

Lise Amy

UB Toner Creator and Founder

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