Spring to-dos


Here we are again - time to change our clocks and wardrobes and trade in our winter jackets and boots for sweaters and cute open-toed shoes. But there’s something special about this particular season change, unlike the cold breezes of fall and the inevitable dreariness that winter brings, springtime promises a sense of renewed anticipation - the guarantee of ever-growing days, warmer weather and the lazy days of summer just around the corner.

It’s an exciting time of year and with it comes a lift in our energy levels and a chance to renew both our physical spaces and our bodies. Not sure where to start, don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

Here are 5 things to Focus your Health and Fitness efforts on this Spring:

  1. Spring clean with essential oils. What better way to say spring then with the refreshing scents of lemon, grapefruit, lavender or orange. Staying away from the chemicals that store-bought cleaners contain is great for our bodies, not to mention the health benefits you may actually receive from using nature’s great-smelling products. A quick search on Pinterest or Google will have you making and creatively using your own cleaning products in minutes.
  2. Commit to consume more local foods. While some climates don’t allow for us to graze off the lands we live in the colder months of the year, the warm breezes of spring remind us that eating local is possible and in the best interest of our health. Seasonal fruits and vegetables offer more flavour and value for your wallet. This spring, visit your local supermarket or farmer’s market and treat yourself to the produce that was out-of-season or too costly to purchase all winter.
  3. Venture outside. No one can argue the benefits of plain old walking. It is great for your cardiovascular system and burns calories. To keep it exciting, make an effort to change up your route each time you get out and explore areas of your neighbourhood you’ve never noticed before. Walk, rather than drive, to run your local errands, take your kids to soccer or get your morning coffee. Your body will appreciate not only the exercise it is getting but also all the extra fresh air.
  4. Mediate to de-stress. You don’t have to commit to large amounts of time to set aside to focus on clearing your mind and paying attention to your breathing, even a few minutes every hour can be enough to de-stress. What does matter is giving yourself these undivided moments throughout the day to clear your mind. Find moments throughout your busy day to sit in silence, close your eyes and focus on pulling breaths of air down into your belly. Start slow and you will begin to experience a more calming attitude and increased focus on your daily tasks, in no time.
  5. Commit to a quick 10 minute daily exercise routine. Can anyone of us really say that we can’t find an extra 10 minutes in our day?. If we start with a small goal of adding only 10 minutes - over the course of the week this could equate into over an hour of additional exercise (and up to 500 extra calories burned)! It takes 21 days to create a habit, so committing to just 10 minutes daily early on in the spring season will get you on the right track. Some days you may even find the time and energy to dedicate more time. Examples of quick, effective 10 min workouts that can be done anywhere can be found here. 

Image credit to Rohantime. 

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  • Christina Crowe