A Little Backstory.


The UB Toner has ben a long time in the making - years of research, and years of revisions. It's been a fantastic road, and we're still so excited to share it with you today. 

It all began a little more than 18 years ago, when our founder Lise Amy would find herself frequently travelling, and being unable to find a reliable exercise device that was light and portable enough to fit in her suitcase, yet effective enough to make a difference on a tight schedule. And Lise wasn't alone. There wasn't anything like it for your upper body at the time, and the UB Toner is a direct result of that need - that missing category of practical exercise for a tight schedule. 

It's been fantastic so far, and it's just beginning. We have so much more for you on the way, and it couldn't make us any more excited than we already are. 

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  • Ian Templin