It's an Entire Lifestyle.


With the UB Toner™, you're not just getting an exercise device, you're getting an entire lifestyle change. It's a lifestyle that is easily adaptable to your every day routine, no matter your age No matter if you're at the office, or simply taking care of the kids or family, the UB Toner™ is incredibly portable and lightweight. There's no need to hunt for a nearby gym when you're on vacation, and it's not necessary to take hours out of your day to simply maintain other workout routines to achieve the same results. 

Every UB Toner™ comes packaged with our comprehensive exercise guide - everything you need to get going. Once you do, I really think you'll find the device and its exercises to be far more than just a tool, rather a complete lifestyle overhaul, all in one thirty dollar package.

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  • Ian Templin