It's More than Just an Exercise Device.


The UB Toner™, the Neck to Cleavage Firming Cream and the Upper Arm Firming Gel are a lifestyle change. With the UB Toner™, you're getting clinically proven results in a matter of weeks by simply following our provided routine and exercise guidelines. But it's more than that. It's about not only looking and feeling your best, but being able to easily get out and do more. 

And the UB Toner™ experience is about more than just the device itself. Our Lise Amy's Upper Arm Firming Gel and Lise Amy's Neck to Cleavage Firming Cream provide the perfect partner to the UB Toner™. I know for a fact that both these creams make a huge difference in showing instant results - plus each contains collagen boosting ingredients -  proven safe and effective. 

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  • Ian Templin