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To be chosen to appear on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s (CBC) Dragon’s Den (The Canadian version of Shark Tank for our American friends) last month, was an incredible honour. The CBC is a massive Canadian broadcaster - and Dragon’s Den is one of it’s major primetime programs. Every year, thousands of entrepreneurs pitch their products and ventures to the show’s selection committee across the country. Only a select few ever make it to the show floor - and when I had the chance to feature the UB Toner for a shot towards getting on the show, I knew I had to take that chance - even if it meant throwing myself out of my comfort zone.

During the audition and product pitch, the show’s producers loved the UB Toner - they had smiles on their faces the entire time I demonstrated the device to them. It’s strange, I wasn’t as nervous as I expected myself to be. Although I suppose my strong belief in the product I was pitching helped considerably. I left with a good feeling in my gut - and sure enough, several weeks later, the email I was so hoping for came. I had gotten a spot on the show.

I was going to be pitching to the Dragons on national television. The Dragons are all self-made millionaires - and they invest in products they see a good business opportunity in. My feelings ranged from initial excitement to worry, I was no stranger to educating people on the benefits of the UB Toner, but what I wasn’t accustomed to, was doing this in front of millions of people on national television! This was a BIG deal for me. What drew me most to the opportunity was the fact that it was something I had never done before. I believe we have to do that to ourselves sometimes. It’s good for our minds to shake things up and prove to ourselves we can do things we never thought possible. This wasn’t just about featuring the product for me, it was a personal journey as well.

On came the big day. The sets for the show were massive and intricate, the number of cameras were too many to count. But I stood up there and I spoke with all my heart and soul about a product I knew and loved.

Being able to promote a healthy lifestyle through my work with the UB Toner team is something I am extremely proud of.

Being healthy isn’t just about exercising our bodies. It’s about exploring the limitations of our minds too.

What have you done to thrust yourself out of your comfort zone lately?

- Lise Amy, UB Toner Founder

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  • Ian Templin