Summer is Just Around the Corner.


As we're well into the second week of June, we're beginning to enter what many of us consider to be the best time of year. We spend our days outside, enjoying the weather -  wether you're at the beach or simply in your own backyard. If you're anything at all like me, you'll be spending plenty of time with the kids or family this season, and you'll be enjoying the great weather while you're doing it.

But we all want to look and feel great this summer. As we strip away our layers of clothes to reveal our upper arms and chest area, we want to be sure we're comfortable in the way we look and feel - it's important to all of us on some level. This is exactly where the UB Toner™ comes in. Our programs aren't just designed and proven to help increase strength where you need it most - it's designed to help you feel better and more confident when you're out in that cute tank top or on the beach with family and friends. 

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  • Ian Templin